Japandi style is one of this year's trends, but do we really know where it comes from? And how can I get this look right? We’ll fill you in on the details.

The word Japandi is a mix of the words "Japan" and "Scandi". You could say it is a blend of Scandinavian minimalism with a Japanese spirit. It’s all starting to make sense, but let’s get to the key points when it comes to recreating it.


The keys to achieving a Japandi interior:

Before we start, it’s important to bear in mind that as a general rule, the interior needs to be simple, light and functional.

1. The colours:

Here we’ll be looking for a palette of warm, neutral colours. This will form the base and is the secret to nailing the Japandi look. If you’re into bold colours and prints, this is probably not the style for you, but feel free to experiment with cooler, pastel shades of pink, blue or green.


2. Perfectly imperfect materials and elements:

It is likely that this style appeals to us so much because we’re big fans of the idea of ‘perfectly imperfect’ and we simply love unique corners, full of personality. Aim for noble, quality materials such as natural woods, rattan, linen, ceramics and stone.

3. Plants and lighting play a big part:

Indoor plants are welcome in a Japandi ambiance as they connect us with nature and have a strong Zen influence. Careful to avoid overdoing things and creating a chaotic jungle, but a few well-placed plants will add balance. Lighting is another important aspect here and natural light and a connection with the outdoors should be emphasised. Let the light stream in through windows or use only light fabric curtains or blinds in neutral colours.


4. The must-haves:

We’ll be looking out for furniture of minimalist and functional design which seem to transmit peace just by looking at them. Once again, this usually means they are made with natural materials, with clean and minimalist lines. One of our favourites is the Jeanette table. Add a bench like the Beida or Safara models to create a warm and relaxing corner.

In this minimalist style, ornaments will be limited to a few decorative touches including a plate, a ceramic cup and a beautiful teapot. The Vreni collection will be an obvious choice for the dining room or kitchen area.

Now you have a good idea of how to achieve a Japandi style home, you’ll already be dreaming of your favourite furniture. Discover new ideas to infuse your home with style.

11 Jul 2022, noon